The Most Important Wedding Photography Styles You Need to Know About

Most Important Wedding Photography Styles to Know About

What is Wedding Photography Style?

A wedding photography style is a type of artistic inspiration you use as a guide for the weddings you will shoot. However, this is not a strict standard or rule. So, you’re not required to follow each one. But, do note that many wedding photographers do follow them especially since every style can blend with other styles. 

Hence, if you’re interested in getting into wedding photography, it is important that you check out the different wedding photography styles. Not only will understanding wedding photography styles give you a chance to develop your talent and skills but they will also help you find your own style. 

Most Important Wedding Photography Styles to Know About

  1. Traditional

This is the most common photography style. And, you see this very often in wedding photo albums. Photos under such style are posed and classic. For instance, group shots of the couple with their families and the entourage. In addition, such shots also include the couple cutting their cake or having their toast, and their first kiss as husband and wife. 

The traditional style is practiced for many years now. And, if you notice, it’s still very popular today. This is because it’s still one of the best ways to achieve the most important shots your future clients are looking for. It’s an effective way to capture the “key shots” of a couple’s big day and timeless photos they share with their family and friends. 

Mastering this type of style requires you to get involved. You need to learn how to guide and direct your clients, teaching them how to do their poses. Thus, it is important that as a photographer, you are able to gain experience and be comfortable being in charge.

  1. Documentary

Here’s another popular wedding photography that many tend to master. So, rather than posed shots, this style required you to capture candid moments or spontaneous photos of people, decorations, and happenings. Thus, you can get more interactions with everyone and you can create better pictures that truly capture the emotions and feelings in a moment. 

When following a documentary photography style, you can take a more informal approach to tell a story. However, it does require a lot of creativity as a photographer. On top of that, you should be able to quickly aim, adjust your camera’s settings, framings, and shoot instantly. This is because moments happen in just seconds and they only last for a second. 

Usually, the results in this type of style are real and the images have this natural feeling that will just force the emotions right out of you and the viewer.

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  1. Artistic

Remember that not all portraits require a couple in full-frame and looking at your camera. And, here’s where artistic photography can help you with. In this style, you can actually create unique and artistic moments using composition, lighting, and background. This results in very special and candid shots that the couple will love looking back on for years to come. 

Here, you will ask the couple to pose “candidly” in an often picture-perfect environment. So, it’s like putting together the traditional and documentary style. However, this particular style does require skill in landscape photography and knowledge in using wide-angle lenses. But, more importantly, you will have to learn how to help your couple relax as you need to direct them as well.

  1. Black and White

This type of wedding photography style is a great way of creating classic images that will stand the test of time. While black and white photographs are not appealing to some people, it can actually result in more compelling photos. Because monochrome images allow your subject to shine more. 

Black and white photography is an ideal technique that you should master if you’re hoping to get into wedding photography. Not only does it look classic and timeless, but it also allows you to have beautiful images even under difficult lighting conditions. 

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Alternative Wedding Photography Style You Can Use

Aside from the styles mentioned above, another style you can look into is commercial photography. With this style, not only couples can hire you but suppliers and vendors as well. Here, you should be able to perfectly capture shots of cakes, flowers, decors, centerpieces, and other wedding details.

Being a commercial photographer, you should be able to develop a sense of style that can be more formulaic and less spontaneous compared to a documentary photographer. And, most importantly, you should have the skills and equipment that can produce magazine-quality images. 

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