5 Famous Modern Photographers

Top 5 Famous Modern Photographers

Top Photographers

Are you just starting on photography and looking for inspiration? Or, are you currently stuck in a rut and looking for creative ideas for your next project? Well, these masters of photography can surely help you! 

These are just some of the most famous people who have developed a great eye for amazing photos. They can capture the most stunning features of a person and the most breathtaking views and moments. And, most importantly, they can put into print the raw emotions of a human being… to touch your heart and make you feel with just photos! 

Top 5 Famous Modern Photographers

  1. Annie Leibovitz 

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Annie Liebovitz is one of the most celebrated American photographers. She was born on October 2, 1949 and have studied painting at San Francisco Art Institute. She had every intention of becoming an art teacher and only took photography classes during the night. Then, in 1970, she started working as a commercial photographer at Rolling Stone. Soon, she became the first woman who was hailed chief photographer.

And, in 1991, she took another first, becoming the first woman EVER to have a solo exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. Annie Liebovitz developed her style of brightly lit celebrity portraits. 

Her style maximizes lighting. While studio lighting can scare you at first, it is incredibly rewarding when done right. Remember, photography is all about capturing light. It is the most basic thing you should start mastering. And, Annie Liebovitz is the best person to learn it from. 

  1. John Free

Indeed, John Free is a living legend. He is a social documentary and street photographer who is based in Los Angeles. The thing with John Free is that he always has a trusty camera in hand no matter where he goes. His work embodies the artistry behind moments that vanishes in an instant… which for us, is the true meaning of great photography – to capture the moments and make them last forever. 

Free believes that photographers should study the same things over and over to improve your craft, regardless of skill. Over the years, he has created meaningful and compelling everyday life photographs. He can capture the true nature of street photography, capturing meaning in ordinary and daily human life situations. 

Furthermore, John Free can teach you how to survive in the real world while taking photos of strangers at a close range. And, he focuses on the respect and social skills required from all street photographers – or all kinds of photographers for that matter. Because photography isn’t just about skills. For example, if you’re planning to work with or as a wedding photographer or a portrait photographer, you’ll notice how important socializing is… to be able to talk and converse comfortably with your client. 

  1. Ansel Adams

If you’re looking for inspiration for your landscape photos, Ansel Adams should be among the top people to look into. He is well known for his amazing nature photos and one of his first notable pieces was his image of Monolith, the Face of Half Dome. 

Ansel Adams is also best known for his black and white landscape photos, especially of Yosemite National Park. He, along with a colleague, also developed the zone system on how to properly expose an image and adjust the contrast of the final print. And, if you’re familiar with Group f/64, he was one of the original founders.

An American photographer and environmentalist, Ansel Adams was born on February 20, 1902, and he predominantly used a large format camera. And, if you want to know more about his works, check out his video below.

  1. Fan Ho

Fan Ho is easily among the greatest and most celebrated Chinese photographers. He started his life in photography in 1956 where he documented Hong Kong’s street life. There, he built his reputation and has become one of the top photographers in Asia. And, soon he conquered the world. 

Through the years, Fan Ho has collected over 280 awards from exhibitions all over the world and in international competitions. Then, he started teaching students the art of filmmaking and photography. And, authored five books where he talked about his life, history, and philosophy in photography and film.

When you see his photos, you’ll see that his style is extremely unique. It is dramatic, lyrical, and even poetic to some degree. And, these all came from his cultural background. So, maybe this teaches you to dig deep and see what is already in you. And, try to bring that out through your own photos.

  1. Andreas Gursky5 Famous Modern Photographers2 min 200x300 - 5 Famous Modern Photographers

Andreas Gursky is a popular photographer from Germany. He is known for enlarging his images into what is considered in today’s time as mural sizes

What makes Andreas Gursky different is his vision. He is drawn to large, unknown, and manmade spaces that you usually don’t notice. For instance, he is drawn to office lobbies and stock exchange floors. The images he creates require meditation and it encourages you to revisit a site to fully understand his concept. Indeed, his work offers a different vantage point and perspective. As a result, he has enabled viewers to see another side of everyday situations.

Recently, Andreas came into the spotlight and skyrocketed to fame by selling two of the most expensive photos ever recorded in history. His work “Rhein II” sold for an astounding $4,338,500 USD on November 8, 2011, in New York. Then, his “Chicago Board of Trade III” was sold for about 2.2 million pounds!

Photographers to Inspire You

Hopefully, these 5 people can inspire you for your next work or journey in life. Remember, photography isn’t just about taking photos. Anyone can do that – even your 2-year-old kid can point a camera and start shooting. However, true photography requires work and practice. And, checking out some of the most amazing people to break into the business is a great step moving forward!


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