How To Capture Perfect Photos While On Tour In Africa

How To Capture Perfect Photos While On Tour in Africa

Landscape photography is one of the most prominent styles of digital photography. Besides, every person at some time in their life has actually most likely considered a landscape photo in an epic scene with remarkable clouds as well as stunning sunlight which has left them feeling amazed. 

However, as simple as it may appear, recording sensational landscape photos isn’t as simple as it seems…

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Here are some amazing pointers to help you to get the best landscape photography in 2020!


The initial factor for any wonderful landscape photo is your chosen destination- for example, Africa. If you’re feeling inspired, check out African Photo Tour for exciting and inspiring locations

This obviously indicates that you need to begin planning a shoot ahead of time to guarantee you don’t waste time searching for the perfect scenery upon arrival.

The first thing you need to do is determine what you are in fact most likely to photograph. Is a lovely valley a huge factor? Or is it a historic castle perched in addition to a high cliff?


This may come from your research on the location you are visiting or it may be an area somebody has told you about. It simply even be someplace that you have actually been to before and you want to re-visit!

When you have an idea of where and what you are wanting to photograph, ensure that you check other factors. After that, delve in deeper and make sure that your chosen scenic view isn’t blocked by a large hill in front of you, this means using maps that show altitudes.

On top of all of this you also need to factor in the direction of the light and exactly how that will affect your sight.

Ideally, you wish to wind up with a specific spot of where you would like to photograph and also which direction you are intending to look. Fortunately is that in today’s digital world there are lots of options to help you learn these details.

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One of the very best aspects of African landscape digital photography is that you usually have plenty of time to prepare and also compose your shot.

That huge hill in front of you isn’t unexpectedly going to relocate as an animal does in wildlife photography. As long as you have prepared your shoot well as well as gotten to your location early, you have enough time to really tweak your structure.

The first thing that photographers always do whenever they get to a place for a landscape shot is just to take a seat and look around for 10-15 minutes to gauge their environment.

Our recommendation- you try it!


Similarly to what has been discussed earlier, among the terrific aspects of landscape digital photography, you need to have time to take a couple of various shots.

Even throughout the short time when it’s sunset or sunrise, you will have a lot of time to experiment with various setups and even a couple of various compositions. So do not hesitate to really push your setups to extremes.

As an example, set a truly sluggish shutter speed of 30 seconds and if there is some wind you will see some amazing cloud activity touches in the sky.

We wish you all the best in your African photo shoots in 2020!


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