5 Pro Tips for Taking Awe-Inspiring Photos with Your Phone

ft 5 tips for make photos with your phone - 5 Pro Tips for Taking Awe-Inspiring Photos with Your Phone

Thanks to technology you don’t have to carry your huge lenses and camera around with you all day. If you know how to implement the skills you know while using your iPhone to take photos, you’ll be able to take pretty awesome photos too!

It goes without saying that it does take some practice, and there are a couple of tricks you’ll need to know about before you can create those amazing photos. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! In this post, we chat about simple tricks you can try out to take beautiful photographs with your iPhone.

Capture the Moment

Sometimes things happen in the blink of an eye and you just miss the magic. With the handy shortcut on your iPhone, you won’t be missing out on the action anymore! Simply swipe the screen and select the camera app and you are good to go!

img 5 tips for making inspiring photos with your phone - 5 Pro Tips for Taking Awe-Inspiring Photos with Your Phone

Make Use of Apps

There are loads of apps out there that will allow you to get the perfect shot, every time! You’ll be able to adjust ISO, exposure and shutter speed to name but a few of the snazzy features. There really is no need to carry your camera around all the time.

Skip that Flash

You’ve probably noticed that the iPhone’s flash can make photographs look strange or even add a funny hue. To avoid this from happening, switch off the flash and make sure you’ve got enough natural light. And, if you are taking photos at night, simply use the exposure slider.

Switch to HDR

We find the HDR function on the iPhone extremely handy. Now you don’t have to worry about lighting making things difficult for you while taking photos anymore. The High Dynamic Range feature will ensure all elements of your composition gets the right amount of light and exposure.

Apply the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds states that when using a grid, the object of interest should be positioned on one of the lines. Your iPhone camera app has the option to switch on a grid. To ensure your compositions are aesthetically appealing, apply the rule of thirds when taking photos using your iPhone.

And that’s a wrap! We trust that these top tips will help you take some amazing photos with your iPhone. Did you find these tips helpful? If you have some other tips to share, please mention it in the comments section below!

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